Why we need to rethink our streets

Why we need to rethink our streets

Tuesday afternoon I was sitting at the stoplight at Cherry and Washington waiting to turn left from Washington to Cherry. The all-walk was lit and a man in an electric wheelchair was trying to cross the street from the corner next to the Cherry Tree restaurant to...
Laredo on traffic and parking

Laredo on traffic and parking

City Council President Marc Laredo shared some thoughts about traffic and parking in an email to campaign supporters (and also let them know that he will be seeking reelection).  Here’s the portion of his email about traffic and parking.

Dear Friends:

I hope that you and your families are doing well and looking forward to spring!
In this update, I will focus on two interrelated issues that are a source of continued frustration for Newton residents – traffic and parking.
As I travel through the city, whether walking, running, biking or driving, it is readily apparent that we have a lot of automobile traffic.  At times, it is difficult to walk or bike safely, and parking can be limited.  So what should we do?
We need to promote safe walking and bicycling and the use of mass transit. Yet, at the same time, we should acknowledge that

Globe columnist wonders: Is the bike-lane fever breaking?

Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby cites statistics showing a drop in bike commuting in his latest column.

Considering the billions of dollars that federal, state, and local governments have poured into bicycle infrastructure over the past decade, the steady drop in cycling amounts to a sharp vote of no confidence in bicycles as the much-touted wave of transportation’s future. So maybe it’s time for public officials and policy makers to turn their backs on the militant, self-righteous bike lobby and

Lime to the polls in Newton tomorrow!

Lime to the polls in Newton tomorrow!

LimeBike is offering free rides to the polls tomorrow, in an effort to get out the vote. Enter code LIME2VOTE18 in the Lime application this Election Day to unlock any of the shared bikes for a free ride to and from your polling location.  Go here to learn more about...

Close Shave: Where can we shave streets for parks and pedestrians?

When looking through the collaborative zoning map recently I was struck by a comment in my neighborhood. Someone had suggested turning a stretch of Albermarle Rd., which has no driveways, into parkland. It made complete sense since the one-block road is unnecessary. In fact, a few years ago the city made the left-hand turn there illegal because people were using it as a way to avoid a traffic light.

This also came to mind when I watched the video about Washington Street and saw how changes in the street can take are

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