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Since my last post about this dangerous intersection, the city has addressed some of those concerns and the city council has voted to keep the changes with a few additions. Basically the recommendations of Sean Roche have been followed.  A few days ago In the afternoon, I watched traffic flowing nicely with several bikers and pedestrians crossing safely. Unfortunately I also saw pedestrians crossing Lowell unsafely both at the bottom of the hill over the pike and in the middle of the bridge.

FlexStake bright yellow traffic posts are extending the curb cuts at all corners except the right side corner on Austin Street going west requiring cars to slow down making turns. Cars making left turns onto Austn Street from Lowell going south are made to slow because Austin is more narrow. I actually heard two drivers turning left onto Austin complaining that they had to slow down too much, much to my delight. These flexible posts are much better than painted lines. 










A large, tall pedestrian crossing sign is facing traffic on Lowell coming over the bridge going south and a smaller one is at crosswalk facing traffic on Lowell going north. Yellow bumper like strips, “truncated domes,” are on the sidewalks at the end of crosswalks. They are tactile paving used as guidance for the visually impaired.






Thank you Newton.




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