Thank you Officer Adam Gabriel

I don’t typically write about my daily life here, but this story is too good to pass up.

My wife and I drove to West Newton last Saturday. We parked in front of Harris Cyclery and went to the Farmers Market, followed by L’Aroma and then Sweet Tomatoes. All in all, it was a flavorful way to spend part of our Saturday.

But when we got back to my car, about 90 minutes later, there was an unsigned note on my dashboard from a good citizen saying my car was

Mission creep at NewCAL

Many people have written comments here or to me directly in agreement with my article suggesting that parkland, open space, or other protected land should not be used for the proposed senior center, aka NewCAL. But we all recognize, as well, that the current facility on Walnut Street needs replacement. How do we thread the needle between these two desires?

One of my heroes, long-time developer and philanthropist Norman Leventhal, always used to ask me and others considering a new project: “What’s the program?” He would follow this question by saying, “The program will drive the design.”

In the case of NewCAL, the process for determining the program was flawed. I’m not saying that those working on the concept were poorly intentioned. I’m saying, instead, that their

Do you agree that Metropolitan Boston has a housing crisis? Yes or no?

Just about everyone agrees Metropolitan Boston has a housing crisis.

That’s the opening line in a new study the Globe described as the first comprehensive review of zoning laws in Eastern Massachusetts in more than a decade.

Then the report’s continues….

We just surpassed New York City to become the third most expensive large metro rental market in the country. Single-family and condo prices have continued to climb, with median sale prices of nearly $430,000 across the entire metro area, a 4 percent increase since the end of 2017. Renters are being hit with rent increases and evictions, causing housing instability, displacement, and homelessness. In fact, throughout Massachusetts, one out of every four renters – and even one out of every ten

Why the rush to endorse?

The city’s largest union, the Newton Teachers Association, has just endorsed Alicia Bowman in her efforts to win a ward 6 at large city council seat. That may be great for Bowman.  But — considering that candidates have until July 23 to pull papers...

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