Business owners welcome Washington Street developments

Robert Korff’s Mark Development has expanded their Washington Street portfolio with a series of purchases that include the neighborhood’s post office branch, John Hilliard reports in the Globe and business owners are looking forward to improvements along the corridor.

Among the businesses there is Cook Newton, where Paul Turano, the restaurant’s executive chef and owner, said new development in Newtonville will be a great addition to the neighborhood. It will help

Video: Public strongly disputes charges of anti-Semitic bias in Newton school curriculum

Here’s the video from the Nov. 27, 2018 Newton School Committee public hearing on a citizen’s petition about Newton Schools’ curriculum, followed by the committee’s deliberations and votes on the petitions.

Newton School Committee Curriculum Public Hearing November 27, 2018 from NewTV on Vimeo.

A statement released by the committee after the hearing can be found here.

School Committee: Attacks are having a ‘chilling effect’ on teachers, school atmosphere

A statement released today from the Newton School Committee ….

Dear Newton Families,

As a result of a formal petition alleging anti-Semitism in the Newton Public School history curriculum, the School Committee was required to hold a public hearing on the petitioners’ requests. On Tuesday evening, approximately 400 students, faculty, staff, and community members attended the public hearing at Newton South.

We fully recognize that anti-Semitism, as well as bigotry and outright hate and intolerance against Muslim, Immigrant, Black and Brown and, LGBTQ members has become more pronounced in this country in the past few years. It is deeply distressing and we should all be working together to address it. However, we categorically rejected that Newton Public Schools’ curriculum is anti-Semitic or that there is an anti-Semitic bias inherent in our schools.

At the hearing, students, parents, teachers and other community members overwhelmingly

Newton signs green energy contract

From the mayor’s office… The City of Newton today signed an historic contract for all of the City’s electricity customers that is 60 percent from local renewable sources such as solar and wind, significantly reducing the City’s carbon footprint while also...

Over 400 Newton North grads sign letter supporting ‘our teachers and our school system’

In advance of a public hearing Tuesday night (Nov. 27, 6:30 p.m. at Newton South) more than 300 recent Newton North High School graduates have signed a letter in support of “our teachers and our school system in their mission to craft a curriculum that promotes critical thinking.”

The alumni wrote the letter in response to an on-going campaign by “Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), a group whose members have been targeting our school system for years and have recently begun targeting individual teachers” over discredited claims of an anti-Israel bias in Newton Public Schools.

Tuesday’s hearing is the result of a citizens petition and is expected to draw

Garden Millionaire City

More millionaires live in Newton than any city in the commonwealth except for Boston, the Boston Business Journal Reports. According to the most recent federal data on Bay State residents’ income, Newton was home to 1329 million dollar filers in 2016 an increase of 53...

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