And this wasn’t even a big storm

Cyclist Brendan Keegan posted this video shortly after our last snow storm..

Northland to present plan to finance four shuttle bus routes

Northland to present plan to finance four shuttle bus routes

The City Council’s Land Use Committee will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. at Newton City Hall to hear about Northland’s much-anticipated transportation plan for its project at Needham and Oak Streets. 

Northland is proposing a variety of traffic mitigation remedies, including limiting residential parking to one space per unit and funding new and improved bike and pedestian paths.

But the most significant part of the plan is a proposal to operate and fund a shuttle system that would be open to public use at

Globe columnist wonders: Is the bike-lane fever breaking?

Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby cites statistics showing a drop in bike commuting in his latest column.

Considering the billions of dollars that federal, state, and local governments have poured into bicycle infrastructure over the past decade, the steady drop in cycling amounts to a sharp vote of no confidence in bicycles as the much-touted wave of transportation’s future. So maybe it’s time for public officials and policy makers to turn their backs on the militant, self-righteous bike lobby and

Lime to the polls in Newton tomorrow!

Lime to the polls in Newton tomorrow!

LimeBike is offering free rides to the polls tomorrow, in an effort to get out the vote. Enter code LIME2VOTE18 in the Lime application this Election Day to unlock any of the shared bikes for a free ride to and from your polling location.  Go here to learn more about...

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