Overnight parking ban lifted

Message from Mayor Fuller: With many family members home because of the COVID-19 situation, Newton Police Chief David McDonald is lifting the Overnight Parking Ban effective immediately.   Warmly,   Ruthanne
Laredo on traffic and parking

Laredo on traffic and parking

City Council President Marc Laredo shared some thoughts about traffic and parking in an email to campaign supporters (and also let them know that he will be seeking reelection).  Here’s the portion of his email about traffic and parking.

Dear Friends:

I hope that you and your families are doing well and looking forward to spring!
In this update, I will focus on two interrelated issues that are a source of continued frustration for Newton residents – traffic and parking.
As I travel through the city, whether walking, running, biking or driving, it is readily apparent that we have a lot of automobile traffic.  At times, it is difficult to walk or bike safely, and parking can be limited.  So what should we do?
We need to promote safe walking and bicycling and the use of mass transit. Yet, at the same time, we should acknowledge that

New rules for overtime parking would end ‘feeding’ the meter

New rules for overtime parking would end ‘feeding’ the meter

Remember the big brouhaha last May over proposed parking rules that would not allow you to park at the same meter, the same block or even the same city parking lot — twice in the same day?

Well the City Council’s Public Safety and Transportation committee will discuss a new version of proposed changes to the city’s overtime parking rules on Weds. Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. and they’re certainly less restrictive but no doubt will still upset some folks.

The new ordinance would prevent you from feeding (with coins or the app) a meter once your original time has expired and instead you would have to

Northland to present plan to finance four shuttle bus routes

Northland to present plan to finance four shuttle bus routes

The City Council’s Land Use Committee will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. at Newton City Hall to hear about Northland’s much-anticipated transportation plan for its project at Needham and Oak Streets. 

Northland is proposing a variety of traffic mitigation remedies, including limiting residential parking to one space per unit and funding new and improved bike and pedestian paths.

But the most significant part of the plan is a proposal to operate and fund a shuttle system that would be open to public use at

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