Fleishman: ‘Our history teachers have been singled out, harassed and subjected to harsh and unfair criticism’

Newton School Superintendent David Fleishman released this letter to the school community today….

Dear Newton Community:

For the past seven years, the Newton Public Schools have been the target of outside groups claiming anti-Israel bias in our history curriculum. These baseless claims, often reliant upon materials and documents taken out of context, are misleading and only serve to denigrate the hard work and professionalism of our skilled and dedicated faculty.

In recent months, the attacks have grown increasingly and unjustly personal. Our history teachers have been singled out, harassed and

Bus issues

“Due to a variety of industry issues, Newton and other communities are experiencing severe shortages of bus drivers.” So write Newton Public Schools officials in a letter to NPS bus families. The consequence of driver shortages? “[S]tudents riding our buses may experience delays or gaps in routes.”


Any hypotheses about what’s going to happen as a result of “delays or gaps in [bus] routes”? 

I’m not an economics professor, but I’m gonna guess a pretty quick cure to the “industry issues” resulting in a driver shortage would be increased wages. 

We are so misaligned in Newton on school transportation policy. Any child living within two miles of school has to pay $350 (up to a family cap of $700). And, now, because the city (through contractor Eastern Bus) is not paying drivers enough, that $350 doesn’t even get you decent service. Meanwhile, it costs nothing to drive to school.

Is it any wonder that streets around schools are choked with traffic? 

City Council to vote on school start times petition tonight

Village 14 regular Jeffrey Pontiff, who is a director of the group newtonhighschools.com, submitted this.

The Newton City Council will consider a citizens’ petition (246-7) tonight (Monday Oct. 16) which reads:

“The City Council acknowledges the scientifically documented benefits of a later high school start time. The Council recognizes the paramount importance of the health and well-being of children, and as such supports the Newton Public Schools in taking action to delay high school start times.”

The petition is organized by newtonhighschools.com, an organization that advocates for a

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