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village-14-icon-largeVillage 14 is an all-volunteer site and the views of the individual bloggers here are their own.

If you have a suggestion for a particular blog thread or a concern or complaint about a comment or other content on this site we urge you to reach out directly to anyone on the blogging team who you may know personally.

You can also communicate using this contact form which will reach some, but not all, of the blog team. Note that as a volunteer group of busy people, we may or may not respond quickly or ever, depending on what else is happening in our lives and, frankly, how interesting and timely what you have to tell us is.

One more thing, if you’re sending a news tip, the more factual information you provide, the more likely we will be able to use it. Provide documents, links, names and a phone number where can reach you, whenever possible.


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