City councilors are considering a proposal that potentially could lead to higher prices at some Newton Centre parking meters, John Hilliard from the Globe reports.

In a proposal to the City Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee in April, planning officials discussed increasing short-term parking fees in Newton Centre from 75 cents to $1 per hour on stretches of Langley Road, Beacon Street, and Centre Street, along with Centre Green, parts of Herrick Road, and Summer, Pelham, and Pleasant streets.

The same increase also would apply to the city’s Langley Road parking lot, and short-term parking at the Pleasant, Pelham, and Cypress lots.

The cost of short-term parking along Union Street, where the MBTA’s Newton Centre station is located and spaces are often scarce,would increase from 75 cents to $1.25 per hour.

Long-term 12-hour parking in Newton Centre would remain at 50 cents per hour.

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