ZAP on Zoom

A few takeaways from the discussion about the proposed new Zoning Ordinance at last week’s on-line meeting of the City Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee.
Reading the signs: COVID-19 impact on Newton Centre

Reading the signs: COVID-19 impact on Newton Centre

Took pictures of the different signs posted on stores around Newton Centre, yesterday. Devastating. Especially when considered en masse, these often heartfelt notes from business owners to customers really brings home the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our local economy.

Parents, please do better

Hearing all sorts of reports of teen gatherings in and around village centers. I’ve got a teen daughter. I get it. The isolation is brutal. And, it’s only going to get worse.  But, teens must practice social distancing. They probably won’t get sick,...

Ward representation by the numbers

Whatever your view on the desirability of referenda to settle matters of great complexity, our recent Northland vote provides an opportunity to test a claim: that ward councilors are uniquely capable of divining and representing the wishes of their constituents. It’s not often that our elected officials vote and we get to vote on exactly the same item. The numbers after the jump.
Time for a new Finance Chair

Time for a new Finance Chair

This week, the City Council-elect will caucus to determine Council leadership for the next term. The president will likely be Councilor Susan Albright (AL2) or current president Marc Laredo (AL7). As I understand it, several people have their hats in the ring for...

What do the Northland No votes think of the referendum?

Presumably the seven councilors who voted No on the Northland zoning and special permit were hoping for the same outcome as the Right Size Newton folks who seek a referendum and a reversal of last week’s 17-7 vote in favor of both the zoning and the special...

Right Size Newton — clarifying agents

I don’t want a referendum on the Northland special permit. (Do not sign the petition!) However remote, the downsides are too unpleasant. But, jeez, if by some miracle the Right-Sizers get the signatures, what an opportunity to settle the whole question of...

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