Some lucky Newton North bike commuters are about to get the best bike parking: covered spaces! 

As the father of a son who bikes there regularly, this is welcome news. It’s the result of a lot of hard work by Alicia Bowman in her role as President of Bike Newton, who applied for (and won) a $4000 grant from People for Bikes.

The original plan was for the students to design the bike shelter, but the city didn’t think that was the right way to go. So instead there is now this commercial rack at Newton North, which is a companion to one at Newton South. Another is at the West Suburban YMCA. Newton Public Schools donated the installation, including a cement pad. The commercial rack turned out to be considerably more expensive than the one from students, so more funds are still needed. Bike Newton now has a gofundme program running, so if you can donate please do:

Bike parking at Newton North is a huge issue. On Tuesday there were 155 bikes there and my son reports that if gets there too late he has to lock to a bench. One more note: Brenda Noel alerted Alicia to the grant opportunity.

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