Back in 2014 Mexico City’s mayor announced a new mobility law that dramatically revamped its transportation priorities and, in turn, future policies.

The law — illustrated by the diagram here —  established a mobility hierarchy that shaped the city’s priorities for road use planning and budget allocation. Pedestrians were at the very top of the pyramid, followed by bikes, public transit users and providers of transport.

Private cars — you’ll notice — are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Now Mexico City is the world’s fourth most populous city, and nothing really like Newton.

But if you were to create your own transportation pyramid, placing the mode Newton should prioritize the most on top with each subsequent item below, which order would you choose and why?

Here’s your choices:

A. Pedestrians

B. Bikes

C. Mass transit

D. Providers of transport (which I’m going to assume means things like ride share or shuttle buses)

E. Private cars

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