Keyes Drug offers free medication return

Keys Drug in Auburndale is now accepting unused, unwanted, or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications as a free service to the community. Keyes has established a locked, safe and secure MedCollect medication collection cabinet in order to reduce the...

Lasell College becoming Lasell University.

Lasell College in Auburdale is converting to a university, the Boston Globe reports.

“The change of name makes people recognize that the institution has graduate programs who might not have known otherwise. And it probably is done in part hoping that this designation confers prestige,” said Virginia Shapiro, a Boston University political science professor who is working on a history of US higher educations. “Whether that is true is dubious.”

Here’s a video announcement from Lasell….
RightSize called out for politicizing Porch Fest

RightSize called out for politicizing Porch Fest

Organizers of Saturday’s Porch Fest and at least some of their hosts are peeved that the anti-development group RightSize Riverside have been trying to politicize the event. Here’s an email organizers sent today.

Dear PorchFest hosts:

You may have received “RightSize Riverside” flyers this afternoon with a note encouraging you to distribute them at PorchFest.  
We did not provide your contact information to the RightSize Riverside organization!  It appears as if the Right Size Riverside obtained the addresses of all PorchFest hosts from the published map and brochure and elected to drop off flyers without our approval.
We feel very strongly that PorchFest is all about music and community.  We received several

This should be ‘one of Greater Boston’s best transit-oriented opportunities’

The Boston Globe’s Jon Chesto reports on the latest plans for the Riverside MBTA station

The new Riverside complex could be the biggest project Newton has seen in recent memory: a collection of several buildings that would include an office tower, a hotel, hundreds of apartments, and a Green Line garage. The developers are considering a direct highway connection to minimize the additional traffic on Grove Street, which passes by an elementary school and through two residential areas.

Mayor Fuller advocates for commuter rail improvements

Jenna Fisher of the Patch reports that Mayor Fuller spoke to the MBTA control board today to make the case for upgrades to provide accessible, frequent transportation at all three of Newton’s Commuter Rail stations. In addition to advocating for Newton residents who need better access to transit, she made it clear that improved service is key to the Washington Street corridor vision to support future development.

The article reports new cost estimates for

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