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Organizers of Saturday’s Porch Fest and at least some of their hosts are peeved that the anti-development group RightSize Riverside have been trying to politicize the event. Here’s an email organizers sent today.

Dear PorchFest hosts:

You may have received “RightSize Riverside” flyers this afternoon with a note encouraging you to distribute them at PorchFest.  
We did not provide your contact information to the RightSize Riverside organization!  It appears as if the Right Size Riverside obtained the addresses of all PorchFest hosts from the published map and brochure and elected to drop off flyers without our approval.
We feel very strongly that PorchFest is all about music and community.  We received several requests for political, social  and other displays and declined them all.  Please also note that your contact information is kept completely private, other than distributing it to the musicians to coordinate logistics.
You are, of course, free to do whatever you’d like with the flyers, but the distribution was definitely not part of the festival and not authorized.
The weather looks great, have a wonderful time and post pictures!
Newton PorchFest 2019 Committee