Should Newton’s elected officials get a raise? Do you want to be part of the decision process?

City Council President Marc Laredo is looking for individuals interested in serving on a Blue Ribbon Commission examine the compensation of Newton’s elected officials.

By way of background, our Mayor receives a salary of $125,000 a year for her full-time service (the Mayor is barred by our city charter from having other employment while serving as Mayor) our City Council members each receive a salary (also referred to as a stipend) of $9,750 a year; and elect

Mayor Fuller: ‘Let’s vote on recreational marijuana’

From Mayor Fuller’s update:  

Let’s Vote on Retail Marijuana
I’ve fully supported medical marijuana establishments. They require customers to have prescriptions from a physician to purchase the product, and customers must have a state-issued medical marijuana license to enter the store.
Newton is now considering whether and where to allow adult-use “recreational” marijuana
Mayor-Elect Fuller announces senior staff

Mayor-Elect Fuller announces senior staff

Mayor-elect Ruthanne Fuller today announced several appointments to her senior staff: Maureen Lemieux will continue as Chief Financial Officer.  Dana Hanson, who co-chaired Fuller’s campaign, will serve as Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion. Ellen...

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