RightSize called out for politicizing Porch Fest

RightSize called out for politicizing Porch Fest

Organizers of Saturday’s Porch Fest and at least some of their hosts are peeved that the anti-development group RightSize Riverside have been trying to politicize the event. Here’s an email organizers sent today.

Dear PorchFest hosts:

You may have received “RightSize Riverside” flyers this afternoon with a note encouraging you to distribute them at PorchFest.  
We did not provide your contact information to the RightSize Riverside organization!  It appears as if the Right Size Riverside obtained the addresses of all PorchFest hosts from the published map and brochure and elected to drop off flyers without our approval.
We feel very strongly that PorchFest is all about music and community.  We received several

VIDEO: Riverside Vision Plan final presentation

The City of Newton Planning Department and their Vision Plan Consultant, CivicMoxie, presented their Riverside Vision Plan on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019. To find out more about this plan, visit the following link: newtonma.gov/gov/planning/current/riverside_vision_plan.asp

Riverside Vision Plan Meeting Three: April 30, 2019 from NewTV on Vimeo.

Fuller: Schools could ‘manage’ Northland, Riverside, Riverdale & Chestnut Hill Sq projects

In addition to releasing a statement today regarding the MBTA’s proposed bus changes, Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller also shared these thoughts regarding the Newton Public Schools latest enrollment projections. (bold added below for emphasis)

The school enrollment forecast is critical, and it’s done thoughtfully, seriously and in-depth each year.

The Enrollment Analysis Report in November and the Enrollment Planning and Class Size Report issued this week show that while we have to

Riverside Station vision meeting set for Feb. 10

The Newton Planning Department and their consultant, Civic Moxie are hosting a community open house to help create the future vision for the Riverside Station site on Sunday Feb. 10 at 4-6:30  p.m.  at the Williams Elementary School (the presentation will be at 5...
Jeff Speck shares his vision for Riverside station

Jeff Speck shares his vision for Riverside station

City planner and urban designer Jeff Speck is the lead designer of the soon to be proposed designed for the Riverside MBTA station (and also the guy behind this vision for Washington Street). He submitted this guest blog post.

As the lead designer of the proposed development at the Riverside T Station, I have been asked to write a post explaining the thinking behind the plan. While I believe that the principles and goals outlined here are shared by the entire development team, the thoughts that follow are my own

As seen below, the site is a special one, adjacent to the Charles River greenway, flanked north and south by open space and golf courses, east and west by mostly low-density development at some distance, adjacent to a major highway

Gentile on Riverside : ‘obstructionist’ or ‘hero’?

Gentile on Riverside : ‘obstructionist’ or ‘hero’?

The comments accompanying last week’s Boston Globe article about the proposed revisions to a mixed used development at the Riverside MBTA station, included two very different views of long-time Newton City Councilor Lenny Gentile: 

“S&J’s Dad” writes…
…Councilor Gentile is an obstructionist who represents a minority viewpoint. He shouldn’t be allowed to continue to prevent progress toward modern development at Riverside.
But “Preserve our Neighborhood” write…
…City Councilor Lenny Gentile is a hero, a rare honest and brave elected leader who has the guts to stand up for residents and against the worst excesses of privatization of public property.

What’s your view? Is Gentile “an obstructionist” or “a hero”?