VIDEO: Watch the school demographics presentation

In her most recent email newsletter, Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller wrote…

An in-depth demographic study of how the four proposed large developments would impact the Newton Public Schools shows that the new housing (1,775 units) would create only a small amount of new enrollment. The study forecast only 83 additional students district-wide over the next decade.

Is she out of her mind? How can that possibly be?

Watch this video to see the presentation on the topic:

Programs and Serives Finance Committee April, 10, 2019 from NewTV on Vimeo.

Fuller: Schools could ‘manage’ Northland, Riverside, Riverdale & Chestnut Hill Sq projects

In addition to releasing a statement today regarding the MBTA’s proposed bus changes, Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller also shared these thoughts regarding the Newton Public Schools latest enrollment projections. (bold added below for emphasis)

The school enrollment forecast is critical, and it’s done thoughtfully, seriously and in-depth each year.

The Enrollment Analysis Report in November and the Enrollment Planning and Class Size Report issued this week show that while we have to

Mount Ida College Closed Today

Mount Ida College officially closed today. A Newton institution for the last 119 years, thousands of students were a part of its many programs throughout that period.   Since 2015, NewTV partnered with Mt. Ida to provide a real-world facility for learning. Mustang...

Andy Levin: Yes to more charter schools

In this week’s Newton TAB, Editor Andy Levin urges voters to vote yes on Question 2, a ballot initiative that would allow for up to 12 more charter schools per year. A couple of excerpts: “According to Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education...

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