City drops claim it met the state 40B affordable housing threshold

The city has “backed away” from its assertion that it had met Chapter 40B’s “safe harbor” threshold of having affordable housing on at least 1.5 percent of developable land, The TAB’s Andy Levin reports.

According to the memo, the city has 105.6 acres of affordable housing. In order to achieve 1.5 percent, it would require 107.7 acres. In addition to the Auburn Street project, which was approved for a comprehensive permit late last month, the memo states there are several pending projects that could add to the land mass dedicated to affordable housing.


Proposal would require all home builders to help create affordable homes

Mayor Warren’s Planning Department floated some ideas last month designed to create more affordable housing in Newton through changes to the city’s inclusionary zoning policies. I’m hardly an expert on zoning but will try to explain it as best I can. I hope others who know more about this will jump in, correct me and expand on this.

Under Newton’s current inclusionary zoning rules, when a developer builds a housing project of more than

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