Building Green – Two New Ordinances

Mayor Fuller released this via her email newsletter on Wednesday. Building Green in Newton   Two new “building energy efficiency” ordinances will help make Newton greener. The City Council passed the new ordinances on Monday.   One ordinance allows homeowners and...
Turning Newton into Boston… or Boston into Newton

Turning Newton into Boston… or Boston into Newton

One of the NIMBY refrains is that those of us who would like to see increased density in Newton are trying to turn Newton into something else. I’ve heard people derisively use cities like Chelsea, Lawrence and Lynn. Sometimes Brookline and Cambridge come up. ...

VIDEO: Watch NewTV’s election night interview with Mayor Fuller here

NewTV’s election night coverage Tuesday began with a wide ranging interview with Mayor Ruthanne Fuller where she discussed Webster Woods, NewCAL, Newton Power Choice, Northland, Riverside and other developments (including breaking news about a residential tower at Chestnut Hill Square) and zoning (along with what types of development projects might be proposed in the future).

This same video also includes interviews with Gail Spector and a BU student journalist, School Committee member Steve Siegel, City Council President Marc Laredo and Councilor Cheryl Lappin, following by election results and analysis. 

Newtonville resident discovers what became of an old factory near her home

Newtonville resident Amy Dain wondered whatever happened to an old factory in her neighborhood.

The abandoned factory of my childhood memories was not like nineteenth century riverfront factories, brick splendor punctuated by regular windows. It was also no concrete box of the modern era. It was all murky glass, pre-modern, ghostly. I recall no signs on the building, no indication of what was fabricated within. It was so out of place that I questioned if I had made it up. Google proved useless to answer.

What Dain discovered as she tried to find out what happened unearthed a public debate — and zoning decisions — that sound familiar today.

Newton needed to decide what could replace the factory, on the park, next to an excellent elementary school, and a short walk to CVS and the commuter rail. One suggestion was

Final Draft of Zoning Redesign pushed to 2020

According to a letter sent to the City Council, the Mayor, with the input of Planning Director, Barney Heath, Council President Marc Laredo, and Zoning and Planning Chair, Susan Albright, has decided to “extend the time of delivery of a final draft zoning ordinance to the City Council to the calendar year 2020.

“My decision was made for two reasons.  First, we recently concluded the 1st draft Zoning Redesign ward-by-ward meetings and listened carefully;we know we have considerable work to do on the second draft to ensure we have the

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