Newton’s ‘hiring crisis’ weighs heavily on our local businesses

Newton’s ‘hiring crisis’ weighs heavily on our local businesses

Here’s a column I wrote for the TAB about how a very tight labor marking may impact Newton businesses in 2019. And here’s one excerpt…

The good news is local business is booming. Generally speaking, our merchants, restaurants owners and many other businesses operating in our village centers and commercial districts report that 2018 was a good year.

The bad news is that an alarmingly large number of those same employers say their ability to be successful in 2019 will largely hinge — not on their ability to attract enough customers — but their ability to find enough employees.

Grande Kitchen closes after six months

According to Newton Patch, Grande Kitchen and Bar on Needham Street closed its door after just six months. Grande Kitchen replaced Mick Morgans when the owners revamped the style and menu.  It was on my list to try out, but, regretfully, I never made it there. ...

Retail in Newton’s Villages

Whether it’s Washington Place, Austin Street, Elm Street, Upper Falls or even a smaller project in Nonanutm, most of the major redevelopment happening in Newton includes some level of retail. Skeptics point to the vacant storefronts in the villages, or those...

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