On Tuesday, April 9th, at 7:00 PM, the City Council’s Land Use Committee will hold a public meeting to discuss critical traffic and parking impacts that would emanate from the proposed 800-unit Northland development project on Needham Street.

Over the past month, I’ve been attending public meetings and robust organizing sessions conducted by Right Size Newton, a citizen organization currently composed of residents and homeowners from Newton Upper Falls and Newton Highlands (stay tuned more more!). This group has serious concerns about the potentially adverse impacts of the project, as proposed. in terms of density, scale and size, pressures on schools, parking capacity, and the impacts on traffic in these two villages. Traffic and parking are two of the group’s major concerns.

I’m deeply impressed by the fact-based passion of RightSize Newton and the serious and mature tone of its leadership. These folks are not your stereotypical knee-jerk, anti-development group. In truth, they hope that Northland or some other developer will develop this woefully underutilized corner of Needham Street and Upper Falls. They simply want a project that is appropriate in both size and scope, and that is not deleterious to the surrounding villages.

RightSize Newton hopes that you and other friends of the Highlands and Upper Falls will come to City Hall on Tuesday at 7:00 PM to learn more about the critical traffic impacts of this development as currently proposed.

RightSize Newton is convinced that the more citizens learn about the development as proposed, the more likely they will share many or all of the group’s concerns.

See this flyer about Tuesday’s public meeting (PDF) and this slide presentation about the group’s major concerns (PDF) about the development project as proposed. Both were developed and cleared by RightSize Newton. You can contact the group at [email protected].

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