Commenter: I’m not sure why another West Newton restaurant is ‘necessary’

There’s been an interesting discussion on the NextDoor Newton app (registration required) about Mark Development’s proposal to renovate and expand the building 1314 Washington Street (site of the Santander Bank) to bring a new restaurant and three story office building to West Newton Square, starting with this comment….

I thought West Newton had a good amount and variety of eating places, so I’m not sure why this is necessary. Not sure where

Here’s her full comment…
The City received only one response to our request for proposals for a site to locate a new police complex, and at first glance, I’ve got a few concerns.
That’s not to say the whole undertaking is off the table, but let’s just say there’ll have to be some tough negotiating to get the proposal to a place where it makes sense for the City.
A little background: A few months ago, Police Chief David MacDonald took me

West Newton Historic district, yea or nay?

The Globe’s John Hilliard explores the proposal to establish a historic district “to combat teardowns in the West Newton Hill neighborhood, but critics say the move would impose unfair restrictions on property owners.”

“We’ve seen perfectly good houses go into dumpsters,” said Laura Foote.


“I don’t believe we’re entitled to make aesthetic decisions for neighbors, nor should they be entitled to make them for us,” said Betsy Hecker.


Toll collection returning to West Newton Exit 16

WBZ-TV Channel 4 reported tonight that a new overhead toll collection device will soon charge drivers 40 cents to use Exit 16 in West Newton. WBZ’s Joe Shortleeve does get at least one thing wrong: It’s not a new toll. There used to be a booth there before...