The Globe Ideas Section story’s headline is “Housing will test white support for Black lives” and it includes multiple references to Newton, even a photo of a “Right Size Newton” sign.

But for Newton, the headline might as well read: “Zoning reform will test white support for Black lives.”

Increasing the housing supply for Black Americans would be one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring about a more just society. Even now, the legacies of “red-lining” and other forms of segregation, predatory lending, and housing discrimination continue to push many Black Americans away from wealthier, better-schooled neighborhoods. But efforts to fix this problem by building affordable housing in suburban communities and affluent parts of cities have often been met with anger from white residents worried about “density” and “crowding.” White progressives in particular have a long history of refusing to integrate their communities, even as they vocally support civil rights movements.

Please read the article and then let’s discuss.


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