VIDEO: Watch NewTV’s election night interview with Mayor Fuller here

NewTV’s election night coverage Tuesday began with a wide ranging interview with Mayor Ruthanne Fuller where she discussed Webster Woods, NewCAL, Newton Power Choice, Northland, Riverside and other developments (including breaking news about a residential tower at Chestnut Hill Square) and zoning (along with what types of development projects might be proposed in the future).

This same video also includes interviews with Gail Spector and a BU student journalist, School Committee member Steve Siegel, City Council President Marc Laredo and Councilor Cheryl Lappin, following by election results and analysis. 

Election? What election?

The final edition of the Newton TAB before Tuesday’s hotly contested municipal election arrived on lawns across the city this morning. As far as we can find. it does not include a single word about the election.

  • No endorsements
  • No articles discussing important issues
  • No coverage of recent debates
  • No list of who’s on the ballot
  • No list of polling places or hours
  • Not even a reminder to vote

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Holly Ryan is about to make history

Holly Ryan is about to make history

Boston University journalist Arianna Bouchard writes about Ward 8 city council candidate Holly Ryan in the Boston Globe:

When she wins, as expected, she’ll become the first openly transgender elected official in Newton — and one of the first in Massachusetts.

Of the 520,000 elected officials in the United States, about 13 are transgender, according to Victory Institute’s 2018 Out for America report.

Maybe there’s a good explanation for why we ‘can’t all just get along’?

What do you think about this Tweet from Ward 5 City Council Council candidate Bill Humphrey?

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