Should Newton’s elected officials get a raise? Do you want to be part of the decision process?

City Council President Marc Laredo is looking for individuals interested in serving on a Blue Ribbon Commission examine the compensation of Newton’s elected officials.

By way of background, our Mayor receives a salary of $125,000 a year for her full-time service (the Mayor is barred by our city charter from having other employment while serving as Mayor) our City Council members each receive a salary (also referred to as a stipend) of $9,750 a year; and elect

Newton’s property tax deferment program earns props from Globe

Here’s a rarity: A story that says nice things about Newton from page one of today’s Boston Globe.

Programs like Newton’s are intended to make it easier for retirees to stay in their homes in a state with some of the nation’s highest housing costs and real estate tax bills. But because the programs reduce short-term local tax revenue, few cities and towns publicize the benefit as widely as Newton does.

Resident seeks the 411 on 311

A Village 14 reader writes..

I moved to Newton from Cambridge a year ago, and I was pleased to hear there is a 311 system and especially that it’s connected to I’ve used it quite a bit and appreciate that I can open a ticket about an issue and have it routed to the right person.

But I’ve noticed that the 311 center frequently closes requests without any resolution

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