Deciphering today’s Newton Tab editorial

Deciphering today’s Newton Tab editorial

As best I can tell today the Newton Tab published just the second ever editorial published since Julie Cohen became editor. This one is not on line yet and it’s more cryptic than the first.  I’d like to say that I’m glad Julie is taking more...

Election? What election?

The final edition of the Newton TAB before Tuesday’s hotly contested municipal election arrived on lawns across the city this morning. As far as we can find. it does not include a single word about the election.

  • No endorsements
  • No articles discussing important issues
  • No coverage of recent debates
  • No list of who’s on the ballot
  • No list of polling places or hours
  • Not even a reminder to vote

If you find that disappointing, irresponsible or perhaps a welcome relief please share your concerns with the following decision makers who are listed on the Wicked Local contact us page. 

Julie M. Cohen
For questions about news coverage or this website
Phone: 781-433-8362
Email: [email protected]

Philip Maddocks
For questions about submissions or the print newspaper
Phone: 508-626-4437
Email: [email protected]

Jesse Floyd
For questions about management of our newspaper or website
Phone: 978-371-5742
Email: [email protected]

Anne Brennan
Phone: 508-626-3871
Email: [email protected]

Andy Levin stepping down from Newton TAB

Andy Levin stepping down from Newton TAB

Newton TAB Editor Andy Levin has resigned from his position at GateHouse Media. Levin began as Newton editor in October of 2014, with a staff that included one full-time and one part-time reporter. He leaves following multiple internal reorganizations (i.e. staff...

Has Newton TAB given up on its web site?

The Newton TAB used to have a pretty good web site that mirrored all the news in the print version, though often a few days later.  The web site today looks like they’ve just about thrown in the towel on the whole web enterprise. On the home page the lead story...
Laura Lovett named the Newton TAB’s new reporter

Laura Lovett named the Newton TAB’s new reporter

Wicked Local Newton and the Newton TAB have named Laura Lovett as their new Newton reporter. Laura previously divided her time between covering Newton and Brookline. She replaces Jonathan Dame who leaves the Newton beat this week for a reporting position at the...

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