TAB editor Andy Levin posted a comment on this thread in response to this announcement from GateHouse media’s Lisa Strattan about changes at the company. I believe Andy’s comments are important enough that I’m starting a new thread here:

I don’t want to keep any of the TAB/Wicked Local Newton readers guessing as to what is coming next week and going forward.

Being the editor of the Newton TAB these past couple years has been a great pleasure, a tremendous honor and the job of my life. I love this city and I loved, truly loved being editor of its paper of record. I have never felt that way about any job.

Beginning next week, though, I will no longer be the editor of the Newton TAB. Indeed, all of our roles at Wicked Local will be changing, as part of the “digital first” relaunch mentioned in Lisa Strattan’s article. None of our publications will have an “editor” per say, though in some cases the person who had served in that role will still have a direct connection to the paper. In my case, and others, the connection will be much less direct, with reporters – now “multimedia journalists” – picking up many of the responsibilities formerly handled by editors. And former editors – many of them “senior multimedia journalists” – producing more stories and other content. The print production is being handled by a separate group, a “print team” if you will.

I arrived at the TAB in a bit of an unusual situation, as part of the management team. Under the new system my role will be “deputy director of multimedia,” managing the Boston “team” that includes Newton, Brookline, Wellesley, Needham, the Parkway papers and Allston-Brighton.

I’m confident this new system will result in more content both online and in print, mainly because former editors will be able to write and get out in the community more.


The other good news (for me, anyway) is that my connection with the TAB will not be completely severed: I will be working closely with Jonathan Dame (your new “go to” for news) and will actively be involved in the editorial decision making process. And I live here, so you can still expect to see me around at community events.

Finally, I’ll still be contributing my column and editorials… NVA and Charter Commission, you’re not quite rid of me yet!

Life goes on in the Garden City….