Just days after GateHouse Media, owners of the Newton TAB and hundreds of other newspapers and affiliated sites, announced big changes that would have removed editor Andy Levin from directly overseeing Newton’s editorial direction, I received this excellent news from Levin via email.  

“I had an excellent  meeting earlier today with our publisher and our regional director of news & operations. I expressed some concerns about my role with the TAB/Wicked Local and was thrilled with their response. In a nutshell, they listened and understood where I was coming from. Just as importantly, they totally “get” Newton and our need for a newspaper of record and strong voice. While my title has changed, my role as the person overseeing the TAB’s daily operations has been clarified. I could not be happier.”

Newton is very fortunate to have Andy at the helm and advocating on behalf of our community. I also want to give a shout out to the folks Andy met with for, as Andy says, getting Newton. Now if they could only explain Newton to the rest of us!


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