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The Newton TAB used to have a pretty good web site that mirrored all the news in the print version, though often a few days later.  The web site today looks like they’ve just about thrown in the towel on the whole web enterprise.

On the home page the lead story is the Cambridge Symphony orchestra.  Nearly the rest of the page is high school sports – including one story duplicated three times.

Click to the News tab and things don’t get much better.  It starts with a generic WickedLocal photo of the day, followed by some empty sections that just have an “Updated at” time and no content.  That’s followed by some regional and national news headlines.   Finally down the bottom there are some actual Newton news stories ….. from early May.

Its a sad turn of events for someone like me who likes local news but can’t get the TAB delivered to my house (they don’t seem to deliver to short streets), and has no nearby stores that reliably carry the Tab.

How’s the print TAB holding up these days?  If they’re cutting back on the web I hope they’re still doing okay with the print version.  What say you, paper and ink readers?