Did PS&T rush (and try to hush) new parking rules? Listen and decide

There’s been a lot of discussion on this thread here and this thread here about proposed changes to Newton’s overtime parking rules.

Here’s the minutes and the audio from the City Council’s March 23rd Public Safety and Transportation meeting* where this proposal was approved to be sent to the full city council for a vote. (Deliberation of the proposed parking rule changes came nearly two hours into the meeting)

After listening to it, I can’t help but get the impression that the discussion was rushed and the committee was tired and anxious to pass the proposal without a lot of debate. I’d be interested in hearing if others reach the same conclusion.

Particularly rushed is the deliberation over the proposal’s mos

Council candidate Allison Sharma requests a recount

Council candidate Allison Sharma requests a recount

Allison Sharma, who ran a write in campaign against Chris Markiewicz for the Ward 4 City Council seat write on her Facebook page… I want to express a heartfelt and deep thank you to residents of Ward 4 who have done so much for my campaign for Ward Councilor...

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