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This morning Jay Harney announced his campaign for Ward 4 Councilor would be coming to an end, one week after nomination papers were due. 

As a result, the Ward 4 Ward Councilor seat seems likely to go to Chris Markiewicz, whose name was included on the city’s candidate list as of the July 25th deadline to the surprise of many. 

Who is Chris Markiewicz? I haven’t met him, so I did some googling to try to find out more. Suffice it to say I had a difficult time finding anything, which apparently is the same conclusion that the Newton TAB came to when he was the only person listed as running in a competitive election for whom this was all they had to say: “Markiewicz does not have a website or Facebook page for his candidacy.”

Chris, although you missed the deadline to submit a candidate statement to Village14, which was August 1st, please consider this an invitation to introduce yourself in the comments and tell us how we can find out more about your candidacy and your positions. You may be the likely next city councilor, but I hope you’re still planning on earning the votes of your potential constituents. 

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