City Councilor Jay Harney issued this statement to Village 14 on Sunday, two days after issuing this press release. 

Last Friday, I announced that I would not be running for re-election for the Ward 4 Council seat.  I want to thank the many people who have reached out to me over the last few days with kind words thanking me for my years of dedicated service to the City of Newton and to wish me well.  After thinking about it for quite a while earlier this summer, I made the decision to run for one more term.  However, over the last week, I had been struggling with some personal issues that made me seriously question whether running again was a good decision.  I really wrestled with this right up until the day before I made my decision to withdraw.  I am sorry about the timing of my announcement, but at the end of the day, I just finally came to the determination that my health, my family and my personal well-being were the most important things in my life, and I was forced to make the extremely difficult personal decision that running again would not be in my best interest.  Thank you for your kind understanding.