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It’s great this election has prompted more civic involvement – It would be even greater if it translates into more residents staying involved long afterward – but first, be sure to get out and VOTE! On November 7, 2017. 

Newton is a lovely city with a long, interesting history, an unequaled variety of period architecture and a varied landscape from large green spaces and forests to Hemlock Gorge all within 18 sq miles. There are definite advantages to living in Newton, not least of which are it’s schools and there are also issues that need to be resolved – all of them important to its citizens. Each of us has some issues that are near and dear to our hearts.

For this thread, assume Newton’s financial future is bright, its infrastructure is vastly improved,  the high schools which start at 9:00 are running smoothly and the city council is the size and composition each resident wants.

After those, which issues are most important to you personally. 

Just to start things off, here are some issues that are particularly important to me:

Discontinuing the winter parking ban – implementing a snow emergency parking ban.
Finding better ways of identifying, connecting with and fulfilling the needs of low income students.
Deciding on the best ways to integrate new housing into Newton. To me, placement in and around village centers and not established neighborhoods is the best option. 

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