Kouril Grieser: Apartments in the burbs are ‘reversing the American Dream’

Kouril Grieser: Apartments in the burbs are ‘reversing the American Dream’


I’m glad I wasn’t drinking a glass of milk this morning when I read Katheleen Kouril Grieser’s latest TAB column in opposition to the redevelopment of the Orr Block Building in Newtonville.

Because even in a year where political discourse has veered off into ugly directions, Kouril Grieser’s assertion that projects like the one businessman Robert Korff has proposed for the corner of Washington and Walnut Streets is “reversing the American Dream” is stunning.

If I understand Kouril Grieser’s position correctly (and, granted, she can be confusing) seniors, singles, young families, childless couples or anyone else who might believe an apartment in Newtonville close to transportation, a grocery store, a pharmacy, great restaurants, an arts center and other amenities would be a great place to live are — unbeknownst to them — “settling” for something less than the American Dream.

In addition, Kouril Grieser declares, those same misinformed apartment dwellers are ALSO “destroying the dreams of everyday Newton residents” who choose

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