After a months of keeping a low profile,  the Newton Village Alliance’s Kathleen Kouril Grieser resurfaced this week with a new TAB column.

And she is very, very, afraid for our city’s future.

“Newton is up for grabs,” warns the self-described resident of “soon-to-be demolished Newtonville,” before launching into a litany of concerns that seem inspired more by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Bernie Sanders, than anything that actually happening in the Garden City.

Setti Warren supports “a housing agenda that hurts residents,” Kouril Grieser exhorts. We should be alarmed about “overseas investors,” “speculative land transactions” and “politicians who benefit by rapid growth even as their constituents suffer.” She declares that some Newton leaders favor adopting “policies that make it harder for low-income people to climb out of poverty or the middle class to own houses and land.” She frets about displacing children while attempting to draw parallels between Newton’s future “apartment towers” and those in Manhattan and housing prices comparable to San Francisco, Seattle and London.

How embarrassing.

Look folks, Newton has real challenges and good people can disagree over how to shape our city’s future. But carrying on like Chicken Little or mimicking the fear-mongering that thrives on the cable news networks won’t solve a thing.