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Kathleen Kouril Grieser, one of the chief opponents of the Austin Street project, had yet another column in the TAB last week where she, yet again, rehashed her opposition  to the Austin St project and repeated her overall alarm about what she calls “the guise of ‘affordable housing.'” (Charlie Shapiro also recently gave Kouril Grieser her own soap box to delve into her 40B thesis on his “Newton Newsmakers” program on NewTV. Why no counter-point Charlie?)
Here’s Kouril Grieser in the TAB…

Why is the administration enabling any high-density luxury housing projects when residents in village after village are fighting them? Since Newton has surpassed its obligations under state law, we no longer have to accept such projects under the guise of “affordable housing” and we can blame ourselves if we reelect those who do. It’s time to assist our seniors and other Newton residents who struggle with housing affordability. They don’t qualify for subsidized units in these complexes and many can’t afford the market rates.

Kouril Grieser’s column provides an interesting contrast to the previous week’s  TAB column by Rev. Howard M. Haywood.  Like Kouril Grieser, I believe Haywood also lives in Ward 2 (too bad Shapiro didn’t invite Haywood on his show).  You’ll need to read his full column so you will understand the context, but here’s an excerpt…

I write through the lens of a black man and it is not my intention to paint the city as bigoted. But when I hear the term “changing the character of the neighborhood” used in current discussions about urgently needed affordable housing, I mournfully recall Mayor Childs’s notion of selfishness and his observation about “the character of the people being more important than the type of housing.” I have participated in decades of meetings about affordable housing and regrettably a tone of selfishness is still very much evident in the debate.
What do you think?

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