The big fat Big Belly contract

The big fat Big Belly contract

Now that the Boston Globe is making a commitment to suburban news coverage, and particularly in Newton, maybe they can focus some of their efforts on abuses of mayoral power that have skirted state law. An example was the roll-out of the Big Belly trash collection...
BIG NEWS: Boston Globe to expand Newton news coverage

BIG NEWS: Boston Globe to expand Newton news coverage

This just in…. The Boston Globe announced a new partnership with Boston University College of Communication to expand news coverage in the city of Newton while also helping to train the next generation of journalists. Under a pilot program, the school will...

John Hilliard taking a break from the Globe

Here’s more bad news for everyone who is concerned about the lack of substantive (or any) journalism in Newton.  Boston Globe freelancer John Hilliard, who has provided some of the deepest news reporting about Newton over the past couple years — including...

Globe columnist weighs in on the Lennon/Fuller ‘gender war’ UPDATED

Shirley Leung’s latest Boston Globe column begins….

As mayoral races go, this one was really boring. Until one candidate tried to stir up a little class antipathy, and instead started a gender war.

Read the rest here.


UPDATE: NBC Boston covered this story on Friday “
Where are Newton’s drones?

Where are Newton’s drones?

The FAA recently released the locations of registered drones around the country. Using that data, the Boston Globe offered up a city-based map showing where the drones are around the state, though I think they got the data wrong. Their count only shows 122 drones in...

Just how bad is Globe delivery in Newton?

Last night on WGBH’s “Greater Boston” Boston Globe CEO Michael Sheehan told host Jim Braude that the biggest problems the paper is having with home delivery are happening in Newton and Pembroke. The comments I’ve seen on social media suggest...

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