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Some readers here are probably thinking “”Of course, we’re exclusionary in Newton, our schools are too crowded now and we have too much traffic.”

Sone might even add: “I can’t believe Setti Warren is getting credit for our efforts to keep affordable housing from coming into Newton.”

Yet others might say  “I’m glad our mayor is doing so much to keep Newton the way it is now. I just can’t believe he’s being criticized for doing the right thing.”

But count me as  among those who are deeply embarrassed for the, more true than not, way our city is portrayed as “not willing to do our fair share” in an opinion column by Dante Ramos in Sunday’s Globe.

“If Newton gets away with this, every other city in the Commonwealth is going to do the same,” says Mark Schwarz of Marcus Lang Investments, “and affordable living will be stopped in its tracks.”

Sure Ramos oversimplified issues we know are more complex. But folks, this is the way Newton is going to be perceived unless or until we actually create –not just talk about — more affordable housing in our city.

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