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Scott Lennon has just sent Village 14 this statement in response to an ad in today’s Newton TAB.

Many of you have seen the recent Newton TAB advertisement highlighting key differences between me and Ruthanne in this year’s mayoral contest. Some of that ad – specifically the point that I have been continuously employed for the past 20 years – has been taken out of context. I feel compelled to set the record straight.

I have the deepest respect for working families, and those whose primary job is to care for young children while balancing life in the workforce. I appreciate the sacrifices made each and every day by stay-at- home moms and dads, because I was raised by one.  My mother stayed at home to raise me and my sister – and later on returned to work part-time at Fox’s Pharmacy. The sacrifices my parents made for us are what shaped my values.

From Day One, my campaign has been about every resident in Newton, including the ones that do not always have a seat at the table. To suggest otherwise, or to insinuate an attack, is just a fabrication. The facts speak for themselves.

Throughout my career, I have always supported meaningful measures like equal pay for equal work, paid parental leave, and have received the endorsement of dozens of unions representing working families precisely because I have always fought for equality.

I am proud of my career in public service spanning over two decades. I am proud of my record on equality, and I am proud to come from a city that shares these values. Anyone who knows me knows I would never question anyone’s decision to raise children at home, or enter the workforce, or strike a balance in between.

Pointing out differences does not diminish the background of my opponent, who I have served with on the City Council and whose contributions to the city I respect. I will continue to run the honest, transparent campaign I have prided myself on, and look forward to getting to work for all the residents of Newton.



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