According to a Facebook post on Newton Civic Action Forum, the Newton Public School nurses, who are funded under the Health and Human Service Department’s budget – not the School Department’s budget, are planning a protest/picket at City Hall on Wednesday, July 1st, from 4 – 6 p.m. The post quotes the Newton School Nurses Union:

“Given that Newton HAS in the past paid parity and joined almost 90% of the school districts that pay school nurses equal to teachers, why is Mayor Fuller trying to now pay them significantly less (this started before the pandemic).
These same school nurses will be addressing the formidable pandemic challenges to the health of Newton’s children. Mayor Fuller’s position, coming at this critical juncture, is an insult to the school nurses who are trying to address the health needs of the children of Newton.
The nurses have petitioned the Mayor directly to address this matter and were ignored, just like in the days of the past. There is one simple premise for Mayor Fuller to consider and respond to. Give them equal pay.
It is unprecedented, unwarranted and discriminating by its very definition. Mayor Fuller’s position at the bargaining table cannot be tolerated.
The School Nurses need your help  Show your support by contacting Mayor Fuller’s office at 617- 796 -1000 or [email protected] and urge the Mayor to pay its Nurses equally and fairly as it has in the past and stop detracting from the efforts to get the schools reopened safely.”

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