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The Barn Family Shoe Store will be moving down Washington Street to Washington Place in Newtonville, Mark Development announced Tuesday.

Washington Place is currently under construction and a date for the move was not announced.

News of the Barn’s eventual move was announced at a City Council Land Use Committee meeting during which Mark was seeking a change in its special permit. The special permit included language banning a bank on the property. The developer is petitioning the council to change the order and allow a bank. In return Mark was willing to commit that 25 percent — or 10,000 square feet — of the project’s total commercial space be devoted to what’s called non-formula retail, which is essentially local retail or restaurants (in contrast to national chains).   

The Barn’s 8,000 square foot space at Washington Place would not be counted as part of the 10,000 non-formula space, meaning that just under half of Washington Place would open with local/non chain businesses.  The bank would occupy less than 3,800 square feet of the total project.

Land Use approved Mark Development’s request Tuesday. It still needs full council approval.