Why we voted for Northland

The three Newton City Councilors representing Ward 5 submitted the following column to the TAB and have shared with constituents via email.

We are the three Newton City Councilors representing Ward 5 including Newton Upper Falls. We are writing to explain why we voted for the Northland Newton Development and why we are opposed to the proposed referendum. We urge you NOT to sign the petitions being circulated.

We voted for the Northland development because we believe it is an excellent plan which will greatly enhance Newton Upper Falls. In our discussions with Needham Street neighbors over the last 10 years, we have found no one who thinks

Maybe there’s a good explanation for why we ‘can’t all just get along’?

What do you think about this Tweet from Ward 5 City Council Council candidate Bill Humphrey?

VIDEO: Ward 5 School Committee: Prenner and Agranovich

Ward 5 School Committee contest candidate Lev Agranovich declined to participate in NewTV/League of Women Voters forums that we’ve been featuring here on Village 14. But he did elect to take NewTV up on the offer to create a “candidates message.” Here’s both of the Ward 5 candidates: Emily Prenner and Lev Agranovich

Decision 2019: Emily Prenner from NewTV Government on Vimeo.

Decision 2019: Lev Agranovich from NewTV Government on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Ward Five ward councilor preliminary debate

Elections season is officially upon us. Here’s the NewTV/League of Women Voters forum featuring the three candidates — from left Rena Getz, Bill Humphrey and Kathy Winters — competing in a preliminary election to run for the ward city council seat representing Ward 5 on Sept. 10.

Decision 2019: Ward Five Ward Councilor Preliminary Debate from NewTV Government on Vimeo.

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