NewMo is here!

NewMo is here!

Newton’s new transportation service for seniors, Newton in Motion or NewMo, launched on Monday.  According to Jenna Fisher at the Patch:  “The service is part shuttle, part uber, and while it won’t take a rider just anywhere in the city –...
Hey buddy, can you spare a couple acres?

Hey buddy, can you spare a couple acres?

You might recall that the city has embarked on an ambitious project to replace our current, insufficient Senior Center with a new ‘Center for Active Living’ (NewCAL).  A project team has been working since last spring to define the programmatic needs and...

NewCAL – What?

This is a guest blog post. 

I participate in several exercise classes at the Newton Senior Center. During the previous municipal election season I was present when candidates listened to seniors asking for a larger and upgraded senior center. Post-election, the Mayor’s office decided to push for a multigenerational facility called NewCAL – Newton Center for Active Living, instead of a new or expanded senior center. This switch has not been welcomed by folks who frequent the Senior Center.

The proposed name marginalizes seniors who are

Newton’s property tax deferment program earns props from Globe

Here’s a rarity: A story that says nice things about Newton from page one of today’s Boston Globe.

Programs like Newton’s are intended to make it easier for retirees to stay in their homes in a state with some of the nation’s highest housing costs and real estate tax bills. But because the programs reduce short-term local tax revenue, few cities and towns publicize the benefit as widely as Newton does.

How do we make Newton more age-friendly?

Julie Cohen reports in the TAB…

Social isolation, increasing health concerns, stress related to finances, support for home maintenance, and limited transportation options are some of the main challenges facing the city as it aims to better serve the needs of its aging population, according to observations revealed during a meeting with officials last week at the library.

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