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You might recall that the city has embarked on an ambitious project to replace our current, insufficient Senior Center with a new ‘Center for Active Living’ (NewCAL).  A project team has been working since last spring to define the programmatic needs and corresponding space requirements for the new center, and presented their findings at a community update meeting on March 14.

Turns out, not surprisingly, that the new center will be significantly larger (10,000 SF) than our current Senior Center and thus requires a larger site – at least 2 acres. The project team is actively assessing potential sites around the city, and it’s clear that choosing a site will be no small feat – to no one’s surprise, we don’t exactly have a lot of open land in Newton.

Beyond the 2 acre size minimum, what are the most important criteria for the site?  Should it be centrally located?  Easily accessible via public transportation?  Close to a village center or other amenities?  Or is room for ample parking (or access to ample nearby street parking) more important than any other criteria?

Anyone have a specific site in mind?  Let’s discuss!




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