Right Size off to a wrong start

Right Size off to a wrong start

Remember last October when some folks here gave me grief for suggesting that “Right Size Newton was engaged in likely illegal campaigning” for “blanketing the city with color glossy flyers promoting their slate of candidates” without creating a...

Right Size Newton to supporters: Please be civil

In the aftermath of a recent Land Use Committee meeting about Northland during which opponents booed, hissed and jeered fellow Newton residents who support the project (for a good example go to the 1:58 mark here).), Right Sized Newton’s Leon Schwartz, sent this message in an email to its supporters..

… I find this very difficult to write, because I really appreciate the passion and energy that everyone brought to the meeting last time and I understand the frustration that arises when you feel like you are not being heard or not being listened to, but: please let’s try to keep

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