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In the aftermath of a recent Land Use Committee meeting about Northland during which opponents booed, hissed and jeered fellow Newton residents who support the project (for a good example go to the 1:58 mark here).), Right Sized Newton’s Leon Schwartz, sent this message in an email to its supporters..

… I find this very difficult to write, because I really appreciate the passion and energy that everyone brought to the meeting last time and I understand the frustration that arises when you feel like you are not being heard or not being listened to, but: please let’s try to keep our interactions with the council and with those that may not be on the same page as us as civil as we can.  An oft-told story attributed to a law professor comes to mind: when the facts are on your side, pound the facts; when the law is on your side, pound the law, and when neither is on your side: pound the table!  In this case, the facts are very clear: the proposed project is too big.  We certainly don’t need to pound the table to get our point across.