VIDEO: Watch our departing city councilors say goodbye

Seven veteran Newton City Councilors said good bye to their colleagues and constituents on Monday Dec. 19 in their final meeting before leaving the council. Several of these are extraordinary and recommended watching. Thanks to Jack Prior of Newton Watch for recording and sharing. 

Jack has also posted photos here.

Seven Newton City Councilors to bid adieu tonight

The Newton City Council will hold its final meeting of the 2015-17 term tonight which means it is also the final meeting for these seven councilors.

  • Scott Lennon
  • Ted Hess-Mahan
  • Dick Blazar
  • Brian Yates
  • Ruthanne Fuller
  • Amy Sangiolo
  • Jay Harney

Each of the retiring members will be given five minutes to offer final remarks.

Harney says decision was based on ‘personal issues’

Harney says decision was based on ‘personal issues’

City Councilor Jay Harney issued this statement to Village 14 on Sunday, two days after issuing this press release. 

Last Friday, I announced that I would not be running for re-election for the Ward 4 Council seat.  I want to thank the many people who have reached out to me over the last few days with kind words thanking me for my years of dedicated service to the City of Newton and to wish me well.  After thinking about it for quite a while earlier this summer, I made the decision to run for one more term.  However, over the last week, I had been struggling with some personal issues that made me

Chris Markiewicz MIA in Campaign for Ward 4 Councilor

Chris Markiewicz MIA in Campaign for Ward 4 Councilor

This morning Jay Harney announced his campaign for Ward 4 Councilor would be coming to an end, one week after nomination papers were due.

As a result, the Ward 4 Ward Councilor seat seems likely to go to Chris Markiewicz, whose name was included on the city’s candidate list as of the July 25th deadline to the surprise of many.

Who is Chris Markiewicz? I haven’t met him, so I did some googling to try to find out more. Suffice it to say I had a