Should Creem, Balser, Khan and Lawn override Baker’s pay cut veto?

On Friday Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed a pay raise package for legislative leaders, judges and others but considering that the Senate approved the raises 31-9, and the House supported it 116-44, the votes clearly exist to override the governor’s veto.

Should they?

In particular do you support our local delegation — Reps. Ruth Balser, Kay Khan and John Lawn, or state senator Cindy Creem — voting to override the veto?

Or do you think Setti Warren was right when he

Mayor picks up endorsements for Gov.

Mayor picks up endorsements for Gov.

Mayor Warren apparently picked up a couple of endorsements today, before officially announcing his candidacy.

This came across in the MASSter List this morning:

Setti’s coup

Newton Mayor Setti Warren has landed major endorsements from three former state Democratic Party leaders, suddenly making his yet-to-be-announced gubernatorial candidacy a very legitimate, and non-laughable, matter. According to Kevin Franck, Warren’s recently hired communications advisor,

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