Mayor, police chief: Sanctuary city ordinance not necessary. Norton: Yes it is

From this week’s Newton TAB..

Mayor Setti Warren and Chief David MacDonald said Newton’s current practices were already in keeping with those of other “sanctuary city” communities, releasing a policy statement clarifying that Newton police officers do not proactively take action on immigration matters.

and …

“There is definitely still going to be an ordinance filed,” Ward 2 Councilor Emily Norton said. “A bunch of us have heard from constituents wanting some demonstration of leadership from their elected officials in the wake of the election to reassure people who may be feeling unsure, or unsafe even, in this new reality.”

Steve Grossman will “support Setti Warren for governor 100%,” if he runs

Former state treasurer and 2014 candidate for governor Steve Grossman told the State House News Service that he would back Setti Warren’s run for governor, should the mayor decide to run. 

From the story:

“I will support Setti for governor 100 percent” if he decides to run, Grossman said. He said, “I like Setti. I believe in Setti. He has been an outstanding mayor. I think he did what he said he was going to do.”


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