Gubernatorial candidate, I mean Mayor, Setti Warren released the following statement in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threat to strip some sanctuary cities of Justice Department grants: 

“With all due respect to the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions doesn’t decide what happens in Newton. Instead of issuing threats from Washington, DC, the Trump Administration might want to take a look at our community-based process that brought proponents of sanctuary cities and supporters of Donald Trump together. The Welcoming City ordinance we passed in Newton brought together people of many perspectives with the ultimate goal of keeping our community safe.


“We will not be a community where police are part of any “deportation force” or where immigrants are fearful of being torn from their families for minor offenses. We will be a community where all feel welcome and safe, no matter their immigration status. There was overwhelming support from the Newton community to affirm these values through an ordinance and the Welcoming City ordinance will remain the law of the land here.”



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