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This is a rare thing. I normally don’t post about things that relate to my job as the Director of the N-Squared Innovation District, but this one does have a strong local impact. The 128 Business Council, which operates shuttles to office parks in the area, is surveying people who live and work in Newton and Needham to better understand commuting patterns. 

You can take the survey online and it costs about a 10-minute investment in time; the length of time it takes depends on your answers, as some lead to additional questions. There’s an option at the end to enter for a gift card. 

This is really about collecting some basic information that tells us where people start and end their commute so we can better understand how to serve them. For that reason, some people may find it to be a very short survey, while others may be asked a bunch of questions about your commuting methods. Either way, please take a bit of time to fill it out, especially if you work in Newton or Needham.